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Villa Gavarres is a young and dynamic  property maintenance company. We are to be found in the picturesque village of Calonge, situated on the glorius surroundings of the Gavarres.

We located to the Costa Brava 5 years ago and operate throughout this region. Our original  service was painting but following customer inquiries, we have extended our activities. We now have 5 years experience in a wide range of services such as renovation, woodworking, garden and pool maintenance. Our key words are reliable, versatile, professional service and quality



We work as a small team. Our approach is informel but professional and accordance with the wishes of our customers. Service and quality are our two main priorities.


Anything is possible and we will help you to achieve a good result. Take a look at the other pages of our website to give a guide to the range of services we can offer.




Marcel Schaap en Nicole Schaap-Coenen